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Welcome to First Hobby. First Hobby offers model trains, radio control and other hobby products at discount prices, in a wide variety of popular sizes and brands. We have products for everyone from the beginner to the expert.
May announcements.


HO GP10 Locomotives


HO C628, C630, C630M Locomotives


N 4-4-2 Sleeper Cars

Bluford Shops

N 2-Bay Offset Side Hoppers


N Trinity RD-4 Hoppers

May announcements.


HO GP40-2(W) Locomotives

HO 70 Ton Hart Ballast Cars

HO C&O Style Center Cupola Cabooses

N GP38-2 Locomotives

N FMC 5077 Single-Door Box Cars

N 70 Ton Hart Ballast Cars

N 60' Passenger Cars

May announcements.

HO Genesis GP39-2 Locomotives

  • HO RTR Arch Roof Passenger Cars
  • HO RTR 40' Express Box Cars
  • HO RTR 60' FMC Hi-Cube Box Cars
  • HO RTR Bathtub Gondolas w/Coal Load
  • HO RTR 28' Trailers w/Dolly
  • HO RTR Ford F-850 Rescue Trucks
  • HO RND 40' Wood Refrigerator Cars
  • RND 50' Flat Cars w/Trailer

  • N 53' Flat Cars w/Trailer
  • N 28' Trailers w/Dolly

  • April announcements.

    HO Genesis GP7 & GP9 Locomotives

    HO Genesis FP7A and
    FP7A/F7B Locomotives
    RDG, SOO, SP

    HO RTR 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotives

  • HO Genesis Tenders
  • HO RTR PS 4740 Covered Hoppers
  • HO RTR 20' Bevel Container 3-Packs
  • HO RTR 1955 Ford F-100 Pickups
  • HO RND 36' Old Time Wood Reefers
  • HO RND Drover's Cabooses
  • HO RND 34' Old Time Overton Passenger Cars

  • N 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotives

  • N 36' Old Time Wood Reefers
  • N 34' Old Time Overton Passenger Cars

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