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Click on a department link (at left) to get a list of product categories. Then click on a category to get a list of products or subcategories. Click on a product name to get detail. When viewing product detail, click on "Order" to add the product to your shopping cart. To check out, click on "Check Out" (at left). You can also search for products by roadname or other keywords--click on "Search".

Our product categories in the Model Trains department:

  • Train Sets: Sets with locomotive(s) & car(s); usually (but not always) including track and power pack.
  • Engines: Diesel locomotives and steam locomotives; also self-powered cars (such as Doodlebugs).
  • Freight Cars: Box cars, tank cars, flat cars, refrigerator cars, gondolas, hoppers, covered hoppers, ore cars, auto carriers and stock cars; also cabooses, cranes and other miscellaneous cars.
  • Passenger Cars: Individual passenger cars and passenger car sets.
  • Structures: Buildings and bridges.
  • Track: Both sectional and flex track, switches, roadbed, crossings, and bumpers; also rail joiners, lock-ons and terminal joiners.
  • Controls: Power packs and transformers; also wire, electrical switches, decoders and other items.
  • Accessories: Containers, couplers, figures, trailers, vehicles, wheelsets and other items.

Don't see what you want? We have more items available than are listed here. Let us know what you want. Send email to, or, click on "Contact", or, call 512-271-8964. Special orders are welcome.

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